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lunedì 27 maggio 2013


Chiara Fortunati Italian Holistic Teacher

Master in Theosophy in London,  Master in Reiki achieved in 1995.  Went on to study Pranic Healing, Aromatherapy, Crystal therapy, Watsu Meditation, Aura and chakra energies and cleansing techniques.
Twenty  years of experience in diversified and combined methods of treatment, are ideal for those who need healing, relaxation, re-balancing the bodies’ energies.
Master in meditation in (India) Poona and Tamil Nadu, (Tibet) Lhasa  where she embraces various disciplines and techniques  of self realization and is able to pass it on to others.
A 3 year master achieving a degree of Counselor in Italy specialising in Human Resources and is now consulting for major multinational companies in the processes of selection and motivation of staff.
An avid traveller, she has combined visiting the world and her profession of Holistic. Coach as her clients are spread throughout various nations.
Meditation means living in the present. Learn how your breath helps you to re-balance the body and keeps you focused in the moment. Our fears are the root of all the problems we face in life. Chiara teaches a meditation which works on confronting fear and learining first how to dominate it and then letting it go, she guides people into a state of hypnotic relaxation and helps them to find their guide. Through the Guide it is possible to understand  problems, emotions, illnesses and  remove them. Private sessions only.
A combination treatment. A process of  energetical rebalancing of the body  through quantic energies vibrations with radiesthésie techniques that cleanse all disturbances of the central energy nodes, blockages (spiritual, etherical, mental and physical, external influences) chakra and aura cleansing and rebalancing 
Rediscovering the feeling of being loved, held and cared for. Combining this with meditation we can work on all the mental and physical stress and gradually go through re-birthing

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